Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yoda, I see.

Yoda Ears
by Cantoo Crochet

What you will need:
A small amount of yarn
(I used Red Heart Super Saver – Spring Green)
A size D crochet hook (3.25mm)
Yarn needle
An adult (or whatever size) headband

What you need to know:
SC – single crochet
Sk – Skip stitch
Ch – chain

The pattern:

Ch 24 + 1 to turn
sc 24 across, ch 1 to turn
sk 1 st, sc in next and on down row, sk next to last and sc in last – 22
rep row 3 – 20
rep row 3 – 18
rep row 3 – 16
sc in each – 16
rep row 3 – 14
rep row 3 – 12
sc in each – 12
rep row 3 – 10
rep row 3 – 8
rep row 3 – 6
rep row 3 – 4
sc in each – 4 (repeat this row 2 more times for a total of 3 rows)
rep row 3 – 2 (in other words, skip 1st st, sc in next, sk next st, sc in last)
sc in the second (last) stitch – 1

Then, you will want to sc a border around the entire thing. So don't cut your yarn; just sc in each stitch around to make the edge a little smoother. Then, cut your yarn, leaving enough to hide/weave in.


Right ear: (this is as it is worn)

Count 13 stitches, and fold it in place. Starting off on the edge, put yarn back on hook and sc the flap closed. Hold the other corner in place and sc that together as well. Cut yarn about 20-24” long. Place the ear to the headband, and with a yarn needle, loop around the headband twice for each sc stitch. Pull yarn tight. If you are making this for a kid or someone active, you may even want to use a dab of hot glue to keep it in place (as it could, with a bit of coercion, be pulled off).

Left ear:

Count 11 stitches, and fold it in place. Follow the instructions above as you would for the right ear.

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  1. Do I have your permission to sell an item with these attached to it?