Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Invisible decreases

There have been a couple places that I have looked trying to figure out how to make decreases not show as much on work, so that you can have a neater look to your piece. One I read said to go into the back loops only, but that means that the front loops, that are unworked, then create a bar across your work.

At some point I read something about going first into the back loop, and then, without yarning over, going into the front loop, then you yarn over, and pull the hook through all loops. This works fantastically.

Keep in mind that the back loop is the loop closest to your chest. It's on the inside of your work. The front loop is the loop that will face out on your completed item, and is the loop that's furthest from you. I have seen this get confused (and sometimes I confuse myself) but don't overthink it. Just remember the front loop faces the front of the work.

I have done this using different stitches, and I'm pleased with the work. It's not as smooth to transition from a regular stitch to the decrease stitch as you carefully place the hook through one loop and then the other loop, but it's fine.

Let me know if this helped you!
(This is an hdc so I have one loop for the live stich,
one loop for my yarn over,
and the third loop on the left is where I inserted into the back loop.)

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