Friday, September 25, 2015

What is Dead...

So, I finally blocked the chart I'd made for my third installment of the Game of Thrones inspired knitted panels I made. (See also: Winter is Coming, and Dark Wings, Dark Words.) It's only been over a year! Wooo! Makin' good time, makin' good time...

This chart will be available on Ravelry, once I get it up. (The other two are, as well, by the way.)

I made a couple mistakes while knitting, and one of them was a huge accident... Note to self: Do not leave strings dangling just enough where a vacuum can grab it. It pulled out some of my stitches and then broke the yarn, so trying to fix that was a little maddening. (It happened right about the 'n' in 'can'.) Sigh!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mouse Ears

So, I got a request to make some mouse ears that can be attached to a hat or headband, or something along those lines. So I just whipped up a pair real quick. They measure about 4" across, so I think they are a good size.

Worsted weight yarn in gray (or your choice of main color) and white (or secondary of your choice). I used Red Heart Super Saver.
Yarn needle
E hook

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
sc2tog - sc 2 together (decrease stitch)
sc3tog - sc 3 together (decrease stitch)
sl st - slip stitch
sk - skip
TO - tie off

This is written in U.S. terms.
This is worked in rows, so you will ch 1 to turn at the end of every row.

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask!

Outer Ear (make 2)
In grey,
Row 1: sc 16 + 1 to turn - 17
Row 2: sc 16 - 16
Row 3: 2sc, sc in 14, 2sc - 18
Row 4-5: sc in each - 18
Row 6: sc2tog, sc in 14, sc2tog - 16
Row 7-8: sc in each - 16
Row 9: sc2tog, sc in 12, sc2tog - 14
Row 10-11: sc in each - 14
Row 12: sc2tog, sc in 10, sc2tog - 12
Row 13: sc2tog, sc in 3, sc2tog, sc in 3, sc2tog - 9
Row 14: sc3tog, sc in 3, sc3tog - 5
Row 15: sk first, sc in next, sk next, sl st to last.
To add a finished look, sc around the perimeter of the ear, making sure to put one stitch in every row end, and placing 2 sc at each bottom corner.

Inner Ear (make 2)
In white,
Row 1: sc 14 + 1 to turn - 15
Row 2: sc in each - 14
Row 3: 2sc, sc in 12, 2sc - 16
Row 4-5: sc in each - 16
Row 6: sc2tog, sc in 12, sc2tog - 14
Row 7-8: sc in each - 14
Row 9: sc2tog, sc in 10, sc2tog - 12
Row 10: sc in each - 12
Row 11: sc2tog, sc in 8, sc2tog - 10
Row 12: sc2tog, sc in 2, sc2tog, sc in 2, sc2tog - 7
Row 13: sc3tog, sc in 1, sc3tog - 3
Row 14: sk first, sc in next, sl st to last.
Like the Outer Ear, sc around the perimeter.
TO, leaving a long tail so you can attach it to the Outer.

Using the yarn needle, attach the ears together in each st. You can go inside the front loop of the gray so that the white doesn't show on the back. For mine, it wasn't going to be a big issue.

To attach, sew onto hat or with yarn, whip stitch it onto a headband. You can look at the Yoda Ears I made for a look at how that went.