Friday, April 7, 2023

I have been trying to really get back on the crochet horse. It's been a long time. A lot of life changes, and a bit rut I've been stuck in. I hope this post finds you well... and I hope this maybe inspires you a little too. I do hope to make a Mama mouse. This is my first step. :) 

Little Mouse

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·         I used Bernat Baby Cloud in baby pink. This can be hard to work with if you are a novice, as the stitches can be hard to see. You can also double-wrap yarn. If you do a single strand of worsted, might be a bit tiny.

·         I do want to try a “mommy” version where I double the size (or maybe triple) – so stay tuned.

·         I used scrap bulky yarn for the nose and tail.

·         The eyes don’t need to be safety if you don’t want. Can use yarn or buttons or whatever.

·         This pattern is worked in the round using the magic ring/amigurumi style, except for the ears which are worked in turns.



·         J hook

·         Bulky Yarn – main is Bernat Baby Cloud “Baby Pink” with bulky scrap for rest

·         6mm safety eyes or scrap yarn/buttons

·         Yarn needle

·         Stuffing (poly-fill fiber)



MR – magic ring

Sc – single crochet

Dec – decrease

St – stitch

Sk – skip

TO – tie off

Ch – chain

Rd - round

Inc – increase

Sl st – slip stitch




MR – 6

Rd 1: increase in each – 12

Rd 2: [inc, sc] around – 18

Rd 3-5 (3 rounds): sc in each – 18

Rd 6: [sc, dec] around – 12

Rd 7: sc in each – 12

Rd 8: [sc, dec] around – 6

Stuff lightly.

If you are using safety eyes, place them on the previous round – about 3 sts apart.

Rd 9: [sc, dec] twice, then sk and TO to close.



I took the secondary color, cut a length, pulled it into place with the needle, knotted, and tucked each end back inside with the hook.



(In main color; turning after each end – in other words, working in rows)

Ch3 + 1 to turn

Row 1: sc in 3, +1 to turn

Row 2: sk 1st st, sc in next two, +1 to turn

Row 3: sk 1st and sl st to last st, TO.

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