Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Squid Hat - The Guild

So this one has been in the works for quite some time. I recently caught up on the internet series "The Guild" as it is now on Netflix. In season 4, Clara wears a squid hat that I found so strange and funny.

Soooo I decided to try to make my own.

The only thing I notice now is I a) made the arms too big, and b) only did 6 instead of the anatomically correct 8 arms. However, I didn't notice this last problem until I was attaching the arms and then realized that the two longer tentacles don't actually count for the total of 8! Oops. Shows how much I paid attention to how many arms/tentacles squid have!!!

Mine's a bit bigger and has bigger arms but oh well, that's what I get for making it up and not sewing it out of fleece like hers is!

This pattern is now live and is for $4.50! link A lot of brainpower and time and effort went into this moreso than any of my others I've made up, and I even did a videotutorial to show people how to do the suction cups/sew the arms together, which I will update/post here later. It's not the greatest quality because A) my video recorder apparently doesn't like close ups (bummer) and B) I have never really done a video before so it's kinda bleh due to that too. lol
Let me know what you think. You can find the pattern (soonish) on, my user name there is malkyra. :)


  1. Me encantaaaaaaa...te quedo genial!! Bravoooooo, eres una artistaaaa!!1

    1. jajaja gracias mi amiga!!! Tu eres muy generosa!

  2. I LOVE The Guild. And Clara. And your hat is EPIC. :)

    Heading over to find your pattern and BUY it. Thanks!

    1. Oooh I am excited! Please please keep in touch with me if you have any questions, I always check my email (you should see it in your etsy email). Let me know how it turns out, too! I will be happy to clarify something if I wasn't clear, I tried to be as straightforward as I possibly could with it! :D