Friday, March 8, 2013

Hook holder and/or clutch purse

This is a little "bag" I made up using the "Wattle Stitch".

To begin with, the stitch is as follows:

1st row: skip 2ch (count as 1sc), *work [1sc, 1ch, 1dc] into next ch, skip 2ch; rep from * ending 1sc into last ch, turn.
2nd row: 1ch (counts as 1sc), skip first sc and next dc, *work [1sc, 1ch, 1dc] into next ch sp, skip 1sc and 1dc; rep from * ending with [1sc, 1ch, 1dc] into last ch sp, skip next sc, 1sc into top of turning ch, turn.

Rep 2nd row.

This stitch is worked in a multiple of 3 stitches, +2. You add 1 for base chain.

With this, for my clutch I chained 33, and began with the 1st row. I completed a total of 30 rows.

NOTE: When it says "ch sp", if you are unfamiliar with this term, it does NOT mean into the chain itself. Rather, you will insert your hook into the space below it that that chain stitch made. This brings the stitch in very close into a cluster; otherwise you would have more of a gap in your stitches. Try a few rows and see how it goes.

Pay attention to how many stitches you have, after each row! I have noticed it is easy to drop it at the ends. Just watch your ends to make sure you are remaining straight. For my clutch, I had 10 of the [1sc, 1ch, 1dc] and ended with a sc, each time.

I used a G hook and an aran weight cotton (Plymouth Fantasy Naturale Multi). The button I used was 2" and to make the "tie" I just sewed in a little loop onto the top flap and made it tight enough where it secured firmly around the button.

To sew the sides together, I used a sc for 11 stitches. This will vary depending on how long/how big you want your clutch.

Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification! :)

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