Monday, December 30, 2013

What a Square

Wanting a square of your own? This one will keep you company on a shelf or desk!

The cube measures about 2"sq.

I used a C hook, I would have liked to use a D but I couldn't find mine (until afterward!)
Small amount of yarn of your choice, aran or worsted weight (Red Heart Super Saver or similar)
Small bit of black yarn
Yarn needle
Eyes or buttons or whatever you choose, these are 6mm eyes

Abbreviations used:
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
MR - magic ring (look on Youtube)
sc2tog - sc two stitches together (decrease)
2sc - place 2 sc in one stitch (increase)
flo - front loops only. Remember: the front loop is the loop that is on the front of the work. In other words, it is the loop farthest from your chest.

  • This is written using US terms.
  • The square is worked where each side is one piece, and then seamed together using a sl st. If you don't want the "edge" you could probably just sew it together with a yarn needle.
  • The legs and hat are worked in the round. No joins are made, you just continue working in a circular fashion.
All right, now for the pattern!

Body of the Square:
Make 6 of the following:
Row 1: ch 10 + 1 to turn
Row 2-11 (10 rows): sc in each - 10
TO. I left long tails on a few so I wouldn't have to attach by using a different yarn, I just went right into seaming using the last square without cutting the yarn.

To seam the sides together, I used a sl st and holding the edges together, inserted my hook through both layers of the square to hold them together.

Rd 1: MR 8
Rd 2: sc in each - 8
Rd 3: sc in 2, sc2tog twice, sc in 2 - 6
Rd 4: sc in 1, sc2tog twice, sc in last - 4
Rd 5-18 (14 rounds): sc in each - 4
TO and attach to square in the center, just under the edge.

Rd 1: MR 8
Rd 2: sc in each - 8
Rd 3: sc in 2, sc2tog twice, sc in 2 - 6
Rd 4: sc in 1, sc2tog twice, sc in last - 4
Rd 5-14 (10 rounds): sc in each - 4
TO and attach to sides of the square near the halfway mark (or maybe just below).

Rd 1: MR 8
Rd 2: sc in first, 2sc in next, repeat around - 12
Rd 3: sc in 2, 2sc in next, repeat around - 16
Rd 4-5 (2 rounds): sc in each - 16
Rd 6-8 (3 rounds): sc in flo around - 16
To make the brim, I tried something a little different. If you can't visualize what I'm doing, perhaps I could make a video (although my camera has a hard time focusing on something in my hands). Here's my attempt at explaining:
Insert your hook into the stitch from row 7, and down through the stitch from row 6 (you are leaving row 8 unworked). YO just like you would with a regular sc stitch, and pull through, yarning over and pulling through the loops like a regular sc. This does create a "bar" of yarn but it's not visible on the outside. This will give the brim a little bit of shape. See my pic below for one visual:

The black yarn doesn't help much to see, but you can kind of get the idea (maybe???).

After you finish stitching around the hat, TO leaving a tail so you can sew it onto your square later.


Row 1: ch 4+1 to turn
Row 2: sc in 3, 2sc in 4th st
TO. Leave a tail to attach it to square. Sew on. I kinda made mine a little angled.

Tuck your tails and voila! A square has been born. :)

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