Friday, April 7, 2023


Safari Animals Magnet Set

(or templates for whatever you want!)


By: Cantoo Crochet (or find me on Ravelry – Malkyra)




The main circle/faces like the bears and the lion are about 3 1/4 inch in size. These are worked in the round, amigurumi style, except for the ears, eye pieces, etc.

You can start these all out as a template, which was my idea originally. You can make it into whatever you want! Snowman? Sure! Faces with hair? Whatever your heart desires! Just get creative!

The biggest challenge for me was really the star. That one got a little tricky. I might like to finesse that later on – if you have suggestions, put them in the comments in Ravelry! This is just another attempt to try to get myself inspired again. I’ve been on such a long hiatus, and it’s kind of depressing me.

I only typed up the ones in the picture. Also, some of that isn’t dog hair – pay attention to your glue gun residue, haha.


·         Regular worsted weight yarn, color of your choice

·         E hook

·         Hot glue gun. Alternatively, you might could use fabric glue. But I didn’t use that.

·         Googly eyes (I used 7mm mixed colors)

·         Magnets (I used ¾ inch “Aleene’s TACKY” magnets. I didn’t use the adhesive. I glue-gunned.)

·         Yarn needle for finishing

·         Scrap yarn for other stuff

·         Maybe a stitch marker, if it will help



MR – magic ring

dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

tc – triple crochet

ch – chain

st – stitch

dec – decrease

inc – increase

sk – skip

TO – tie off

Sl st – slip stitch

rd - round










MR – 6

Rd 1-3 (3 rounds): 2DC in each – total 48. Ch 2, sl st to next, TO.


For lion:

Attach mane color to last st. (Note: from here on, don’t stitch/chain too tight. If you need to go up a hook size, do so, cause you don’t want it to pull/pinch.)

Rd 4: [Ch4, sk 3 DC, sc into next] x 12. Sl st to original color.


Lion ears – make 2

Leaving a long tail (maybe 4” or so?) at the front side for attaching to the head later,

Ch 3 + 1 to turn,

Sk 1, turn, sc in 3, working up along the other side, sc in 3, 3sc in the 1 stitch at the top of the original chain row, sc in 3. TO. Attach.


For the black and panda bears

Use the main head pattern.


Ears – make 2

Ch 4 + 1 to turn, sc 3, 2sc in last of the chain, working up the other side, sc in 2, sc 4 in the one stitch at the top of the original row, sc in next 3, [2hdc in next, 2sc in next] twice, 2hdc in next, sc in 2, sl st, TO.


Panda eyes – make 2

Ch 4 + 1 to turn

Hdc, sc in 3, 2sc in last, working up the other side, sc in 2, sc, hdc, sl to next. TO.


Weird Flower (the one that is off to the left in the picture)

MR 5

Rd 1: 3sc in each – 15

Rd 2: 2sc in each – 30

Now you’re going to be working the “petals” in rows and attaching them later back to the body.

Row 1: ch 10 + 1 to turn

Row 2: sc, hdc in 9, sc in main and then sc into the main body to attach it. Working back up the chain, hdc in 9, sl st to last. Repeat a total of 5 times.


For 5 point star

MR 5

Rd 1: 3sc in each – 15

Rd 2: 2sc in each – 30

Now you’re going to be working the “tines” in rows and attaching them later back to the body.

Row 1: ch 8 + 1 to turn

Row 2: sl st, sc in 2, hdc in 2, tc in 3, sk 3 of main body, sc in 4th st, sc in next. You will repeat this a total of 5 times. However, NOTE. Before and after the 4th tine, do an extra sc. TO. (Do not sl st.)

You might could starch spray to get this to stop curling. I did not do that, and you can see it wants to curl just due to the yarn.



I have been trying to really get back on the crochet horse. It's been a long time. A lot of life changes, and a bit rut I've been stuck in. I hope this post finds you well... and I hope this maybe inspires you a little too. I do hope to make a Mama mouse. This is my first step. :) 

Little Mouse

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Please message me with any questions/comments. 😊





·         I used Bernat Baby Cloud in baby pink. This can be hard to work with if you are a novice, as the stitches can be hard to see. You can also double-wrap yarn. If you do a single strand of worsted, might be a bit tiny.

·         I do want to try a “mommy” version where I double the size (or maybe triple) – so stay tuned.

·         I used scrap bulky yarn for the nose and tail.

·         The eyes don’t need to be safety if you don’t want. Can use yarn or buttons or whatever.

·         This pattern is worked in the round using the magic ring/amigurumi style, except for the ears which are worked in turns.



·         J hook

·         Bulky Yarn – main is Bernat Baby Cloud “Baby Pink” with bulky scrap for rest

·         6mm safety eyes or scrap yarn/buttons

·         Yarn needle

·         Stuffing (poly-fill fiber)



MR – magic ring

Sc – single crochet

Dec – decrease

St – stitch

Sk – skip

TO – tie off

Ch – chain

Rd - round

Inc – increase

Sl st – slip stitch




MR – 6

Rd 1: increase in each – 12

Rd 2: [inc, sc] around – 18

Rd 3-5 (3 rounds): sc in each – 18

Rd 6: [sc, dec] around – 12

Rd 7: sc in each – 12

Rd 8: [sc, dec] around – 6

Stuff lightly.

If you are using safety eyes, place them on the previous round – about 3 sts apart.

Rd 9: [sc, dec] twice, then sk and TO to close.



I took the secondary color, cut a length, pulled it into place with the needle, knotted, and tucked each end back inside with the hook.



(In main color; turning after each end – in other words, working in rows)

Ch3 + 1 to turn

Row 1: sc in 3, +1 to turn

Row 2: sk 1st st, sc in next two, +1 to turn

Row 3: sk 1st and sl st to last st, TO.