Friday, September 25, 2015

What is Dead...

So, I finally blocked the chart I'd made for my third installment of the Game of Thrones inspired knitted panels I made. (See also: Winter is Coming, and Dark Wings, Dark Words.) It's only been over a year! Wooo! Makin' good time, makin' good time...

This chart will be available on Ravelry, once I get it up. (The other two are, as well, by the way.)

I made a couple mistakes while knitting, and one of them was a huge accident... Note to self: Do not leave strings dangling just enough where a vacuum can grab it. It pulled out some of my stitches and then broke the yarn, so trying to fix that was a little maddening. (It happened right about the 'n' in 'can'.) Sigh!!

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