Saturday, September 13, 2014

Witchy Hat (for pets)

Halloween is almost here! Woo!! I am going to be portraying a witchy type character at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year, and I'm pretty stoked about it. So witches have been on my mind a lot this time around!

This is something I worked up really quick yesterday night. I air popped some popcorn (Kipp's favorite) and used it as bribery so he would let me place it on his head and take a picture of him. Like the Santa hat I made, it doesn't really get used, just kind of funny (and fun) to make stuff up sometimes. Hope you enjoy. :)

Black, purple, and gold worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle
Stitch markers (recommended)
Size E hook (3.5mm)

MR – magic ring
Sc – single crochet
TO – tie off/fasten off
Flo – front loop only. This is the loop that is on the outside of your work
Sl st – slip stitch
Rep – repeat
Ch - chain

Pattern Notes:
This pattern is written in U.S. terms.
The hat is worked in the round. Do not join on this part of the pattern.
Gauge is not critical in this pattern.

Now, on to the pattern!

In black,
Rd 1: MR 8 – 8
Rd 2-4 (3 rounds): sc in each – 8
Rd 5: 2sc in each – 16
Rd 6: sc in each – 16
Rd 7: sc, 2sc in next, rep around – 24
Rd 8-11 (4 rounds): sc in each – 24
Rd 12: sc in 2, 2sc in next, rep around – 32
Rd 13-14: sc in each – 32
Rd 15: sc in 3, 2sc in next, rep around – 40
Rd 16-25 (10 rounds): sc in each – 40
Rd 26: in flo, sc in each - 40
Rd 27: sc in each – 40
Rd 28: sc in 3, 2sc in next, rep around – 50
Rd 29: sc in 4, 2sc in next, rep around – 60
Rd 30: sc in 5, 2sc in next, rep around – 70
Rd 31: sc in 6, 2sc in next, rep around – 80
Rd 32: sc in 7, 2sc in next, rep around – 90
Rd 33: sc in 8, 2sc in next, rep around – 100
Sl st to first stitch of previous round, TO. Hide tail.

Hat band:
In purple,
Ch 40 + 1 to turn
For two rows, sc in each stitch. TO. Leave a long tail. Attach to base of hat.

In gold,
Ch 20, TO. Leave a long tail. Attach to front of hat, over the purple band.

Chin straps:
Leave a bit of a tail at the beginning. Ch 40 +1 to turn. Sc in 40. TO, leaving a little tail. Using both tails, attach it to the sides of the hat. Depending on the size of your dog’s head, may want to adjust and chain more or less.

Place on dog’s head. Reward profusely with treats!

Any questions, feel free to contact me on my blog at, or on Ravelry. My user name is Malkyra! (This pattern is also available in pdf form on Ravelry, by the way.)

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