Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Owl Hat (1-3 year old size, or 18-20")

This hat uses the same template I made as for the unicorn hat, pretty much. The ear flaps I think I did a little different, but other than that you can use the sizing for the unicorn hat and just do the coloring, ears, and eyes like this one.

Anyway, this is the hat targeted at a 1-3 year old, or 18-20" head.

3 colors of pink (the "bill" is a different color pink actually). The colors I used were I Love this Yarn! "Old rose", "pink" and then some scrap pink I had left over.
2 sewing buttons
sewing needle and some thread
yarn needle
Size H hook

sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
hdc2tog - half double crochet 2 together (decrease stitch)
sc2tog - single crochet 2 together (decrease stitch)
sl st - slip stitch
ch - chain
mr - magic ring

I worked this in the round, so I did not join each row. You can if you would like. I just didn't want the seam.
Round 1: MR 8
Round 2: 2hdc in each - 16
Round 3: hdc in 1, 2hdc in next, repeat around - 24
Round 4: hdc in next 2 stitches, 2hdc in next, repeat around - 32
Round 5: hdc in 3, 2hdc in next, repeat around - 40
Round 6: hdc in 4, 2hdc in next, repeat around - 48
Round 7-8 (2 rows): hdc in 5, 2hdc in next, repeat around - 56 NOTE: You should measure here, just to make sure you are getting 18-20"! :)
Switch to white.
Round 9: hdc around - 56
Switch to "old rose" or darker pink.
Round 10-15 (6 rows): hdc around - 56
Fasten off.

From where you just fastened off, count 21 stitches to the right. You'll work back toward the place you fastened off now.
Join in the 22nd stitch with a sl st and then,
Round 1: hdc in 15, ch 2, turn. Note: Your ch2 will count as your first hdc for this row!
Round 2: hdc in 15, ch2, turn.
Round 3: In this row, the ch2 will not count as your first hdc. You will work the hdc2tog starting with that very first stitch/same stitch as the ch2. hdc2tog, hdc in 10, hdc2tog. ch2, turn.
Round 4: Starting in the same stitch as the ch2, hdc2tog,  hdc in 8, hdc2tog. ch2, turn.
Round 5: Continue doing it the same way as above. hdc2tog, hdc in 6, hdc2tog, ch2, turn.
Round 6: hdc2tog, hdc in 4, hdc2tog, ch2, turn.
Round 7: hdc2tog, hdc in 2, hdc2tog, ch2, turn.
Round 8: hdc2tog twice. Fasten off.

Do the second earflap by counting 7 stitches from the left of the back of the hat where you fastened it off. This should give you a gap of 14 stitches. Sl st into the 6th stitch from the left, then do your hdc's starting in the 7th stitch. Repeat above. Instead of fastening off at the end, you can sc around starting from there over the edging of the hat to give it a finished look if you wish.

For the braids
Using 6 of white and 6 of lighter pink, cut them to 22" (or a little longer if you want room to knot and trim more). With this I braided it 9 times, knotted once, then trimmed bottoms. You can use however many, however long you want.

Tassled ears:
Round 1: MR 6
Round 2: 2sc in each - 12
Round 3-5 (3 rows): sc around - 12
Round 6: sc2tog, sc in next, repeat 6 times around - 6
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

For the tassle itself, I used 2 strands of pale pink and white, 7.5" long approximately. (Or you can make it longer so it's easier to knot, and cut it afterward.) Pulling it partway through the top, double (or triple) knot the yarn on the side of the ear (so it can't be pulled out the top. I imagine a 1-3 year old holding it by the tassles, so just test it a few times. I didn't like the look of pulling it through and then knotting both sides on top, but whatever you want.). You can trim the ends now. I left 1.5" on top. I probably didn't explain that clearly, but you can email me if you have any questions.

In pink,
Round 1: MR 12
Switch to white.
Round 2: 2sc in each - 24
Round 3: sc around - 24
Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Attach your buttons with your sewing needle and thread.

In the other light pink color,
Round 1: ch4, sc in 3 - 3
Round 2: sc in each - 3
Round 3: sk 1, sc in 2 - 2
Round 4: sc in each - 2
Round 5: sk 1, sc in 1. Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

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