Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peruvian Hat 2.0 (Single stranded)

So, I did another Peruvian style hat, but this time, I used only 1 strand of Plymouth Fantasy Natural (100% cotton) instead. The premise is still the same as the original Peruvian hat I posted.

I used: a size G hook, 1 hank + some extra, I ran out right about the time I needed to do the braids and the ball, so it wasn't much at all into the 2nd hank.

Round 1: MR 6
Round 2: 2sc around – 12
Round 3: sc in 1st, 2sc in next, rep around – 18
Round 4: sc in 2, 2sc in next, rep around – 24
Round 5: sc in 3, 2sc in next, rep around – 30 (I would suggest using a marker to mark your rounds at this point forward, since the next few rounds are done a little differently and may be harder to count if you have background disturbance. Move your marker after each round.)
Round 6: sc in 1st, 2sc in next, [sc in 4, 2sc in next] repeat [] til you get to 33 stitches, then sc in last 3 - 36
Round 7: sc in 5, 2sc in next, rep around – 42
Round 8: sc in 3, [2sc in next, sc in 6], rep [] til you get you 45, then sc in last 3 – 48
Round 9: sc in 1, [2sc in next, sc in 7], rep [] around. You will end with 6 stitches instead of 7, that is all right – 54
Round 10: sc in 5, [2sc in next, sc in 8], rep [] until you get to 57, sc in last 3 – 60
Round 11: sc in 9, 2sc in next, rep around – 66
Round 12: sc in 10, 2sc in next, repeat around - 72
Here it will increase on its own by approximately 1/2" each round, so keep measuring if you are looking for a specific hat size. Please measure, especially if you did not do a gauge swatch at the beginning, to make sure that you are getting the correct size; my sizes are just as a guideline, not as a certainty!
For approx 22" inches:
Round 13-34: sc around - 72
Check to see what your desired length is. I did 22 rows altogether.
For hat size of approx 23":
Round 13-26: sc around - 72
Round 27: 2sc in 1st two stitches, sc around - 74
Round 28-34: sc around - 74

Back side of hat:
This is done using the place where your working stitch already is. We're just going to stitch 12 stitches to the left, and 12 stitches to the right, back and forth, to make the back a little longer than the front.
Round 35: sc in 12 stitches, sl stitch into 13th, ch 1, turn.
Round 36: sc in 24 stitches, sl st into 25th, ch 1, turn.
Round 37-39: sc in 24, sl st into the last stitch, ch 1, turn
Round 40: sc in 12, sl st into the 13th, FO.

Mark your ears here. I placed a marker, essentially, two stitches away from each edge of the ear. They were 9 stitches apart.

For ear flaps:
I did each one separately. I tied in on the sl st previous done, working right to left:
Round 1: sc in 9 (or however many your markers are apart), ch 1, turn
Round 2-4: sc in 9, ch 1, turn
Round 5: sk 1st st, sc in 8, ch 1, turn
Round 6: sk 1st st, sc in 7, ch 1, turn
Round 7: sk 1st st, sc in 6, ch 1, turn
Round 8: sk 1st st, sc in 5 ( I didn't take good notes but pretty sure this is where I stopped)

For a finished look, I sl st all the way around.

For the braids, I did 9 long strands, folded in half, with 6 strands braided together.
For the ball, I used a 1" pom-pom maker.

This is the finished product:

The ear flap was kind of curling in the picture here but I didn't notice until after I took the pic. :)

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