Monday, March 5, 2012

Peruvian Hat

This pattern I made up myself, modifying a general beanie-type shape into an ear flap hat.
NOTE: THIS PATTERN MAY HAVE AN ERROR! I apologize in advance! I am pretty sure I got it all down, but you know how it goes. So PLEASE please if you make it and it works or doesn't work, let me know! Other people would appreciate it too! :) :)

What you will need:
An H hook (this ize, with the double strand, will make about a 21.5-22” size hat)
A sewing needle (or a sewing machine, with regular sewing thread that matches your colors)
A pom-pon maker (you can get one at
If you use the double-strand, 1 skein of each color. I used Berrocco Comfort Falsberry Heather (50% Nylon, 50% Acrylic and Cascade Yarns Eco + (Peruvian Wool). This comes in a big roll but I just used it for other things so it works out well, especially for the price!

Gauge = 3 rows, 3 stitches each  is approx 1” x 1”

Abbreviations: sc = single crochet; 2sctog = (decrease stitch), sc 2 together; sl st = slip stitch; rep = repeat; sk = skip; TO = tie off

Round 1: MR 6
Round 2: 2sc around – 12
Round 3: sc in 1st, 2sc in next, rep around – 18
Round 4: sc in 2, 2sc in next, rep around – 24
Round 5: sc in 3, 2sc in next, rep around – 30 (I would suggest using a marker to mark your rounds at this point forward, since the next few rounds are done a little differently and may be harder to count if you have background disturbance. Move your marker after each round.)
Round 6: sc in 1st, 2sc in next, [sc in 4, 2sc in next] repeat [] til you get to 33 stitches, then sc in last 3 - 36
Round 7: sc in 5, 2sc in next, rep around – 42
Round 8: sc in 3, [2sc in next, sc in 6], rep [] til you get you 45, then sc in last 3 – 48
Round 9: sc in 1, [2sc in next, sc in 7], rep [] around. You will end with 6 stitches instead of 7, that is all right – 54
Round 10: sc in 5, [2sc in next, sc in 8], rep [] until you get to 57, sc in last 3 – 60
Round 11: sc in 9, 2sc in next, rep around – 66
Round 12-23 (12 rows): sc around - 66
Here you will mark the 1st (the one next to your needle), 10th, 33rd, and 43rd stitch. I used the same color for the 1st and the 43rd, just as an added assist for me to notice. From here on out, you will turn after the 43rd row and just stitch between the markers. So when I say “around,” you’re not actually going all the way around the hat. Just around half of the hat (or actually a little more than half but you get my drift!). This will make the back side longer than the front.
Round 24: sc around, sl st into the 44th stitch (this will not really count in the round, it’s just to make it look similar to the other side).  – 43 + sl st
Round 25: ch 1 to turn, sc around - 43
Round 26: ch 1 to turn, sc in 10 [2sctog, sc in 5]x3, sc in 11 – 42 (? I didn’t take good notes, just stay between the markers and you’ll be fine)
Round 27-28: ch 1 to turn, sc in each  (42? Or 43)
Round 29: (Now we are making one ear flap) ch 1 to turn, sk 1st st, sc in 7, sk 1, sc in the next. (This should be at the marker for your 10th stitch.) – 9
                Ch 1 to turn, sk 1st, sc in 5, sk 1, sc in last  - 6
                Ch 1 to turn, sk 1st, sc in 3, sk 1, sc in last – 4
                Ch 1 to turn, sk 1st, sc in 1, sk 1, sc in last – 2
                Ch 1 to turn, sl st in 2. TO
To do the other ear, go to the marker at the 43rd st. Tie in your yarn and repeat the steps for the ear flap.
Now, to make this look a little more finished, you can sc all the way around. I did it in a secondary color (brown), but whichever floats your boat. This will also round the ear off a little better.
For the braids, I used 9 strands of the blue yarn approximately 16" each, and threaded them through a stitch in the earflap. Then, with the 18 strands, braided them in groups of 6 together. After braiding, I then tied a knot.

As for the pom pon, I just used maybe a 3 or so inch string to tie it on, so it kinda bobbles around. (I find this slightly humorous and entertaining. YES I am easily amused, why do you ask!?!)

This pattern may need some changes. I actually want to maybe make the earflaps a little bigger(?) and maybe even try making the back longer, like some of the Google image search results show when you put in “Peruvian Hat”. Looks interesting. I also want to try messing with different sizes and yarns. So let me know if you make this, and if you could, show me a picture! I’d love it! :D

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  1. Precioso el gorro y guapa la modelo!! Me encanta como te quedo, muy bien hecho...Felicidades!!