Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Twist Purse...at last!!

Here is a pattern I found in the latest Crochet Accessories magazine. Let me tell you, it was a chore to assemble!!

It uses a G and H hook, and then the outside bag is really a long strip. You then go through a series of twists, where you mark certain parts of the strip and then twist them to match up the parts... It got very confusing to me. I had my boyfriend help me out, who is a little more analytical than I, and we finally got it going. I had struggled with it for about 4 nights and was just about ready to throw in the towel!!!!

I just used a cheapish kind of yarn, but maybe if I did another one I would choose a better kind that didn't quite get so fuzzy. This one fuzzes just a bit.

The handle is from China, so it took a few weeks to ship. The ad in the magazine had this Etsy store on there. I tried looking for American-made on Etsy but I was having trouble finding any. So if you are reading this and happen to know of a store, let me know?

Okay. So. This is not how the inner lining should be like. This looks a little bad, especially in pictures, but that is because I had to make up the inner lining bag myself. The pattern in the magazine was extremely difficult for me to understand for some reason. My bag kept coming out twice as big as the purse itself! I had my mom look at it but we must have been reading the same way, because she couldn't find out where I had made a mistake. I know they make mistakes in magazines, but I don't know.

Anyways, I tried just stitching the bags together. I didn't like that. So I sc around the whole thing, although in the picture on the magazine it shows the lining/stitches actually hidden. I'm not sure how they did that. I am not advanced enough I guess. :(

This just gives you an idea of the size of the purse. It's just a little handbag. My ipod would actually fit totally in there, but I didn't put it all the way inside. :)


  1. Pues a mi me gusta como te quedo...Yo la veo muy bien!! No se donde puedes conseguir en EEUU esos complementos, en España puede que hayan que vendan por internet.
    A veces las instrucciones por las revistas vienen mal, así que tienes tu y tu novio doble merito...FELICIDADES!!
    Un beso!!

  2. ¡Gracias! ¡Eres un encanto! Si puedo conseguir el patrón para hacer más sentido, quizás va compartirlo con ustedes, especialmente las revisiones que hice a ella. Probablemente a intentar hacer otro pronto. :)