Monday, December 19, 2011

Project Progress

I've been madly working on the blanket for somewhere around 140 hours now. Here is the progress so far, as well as with the Hello Kitty. These are requests for my friend's two children.

The camera really doesn't do dolls justice; it seems to accentuate the shadows of the stitches, and doesn't make the head look as round as it is. Other dolls have similar problems when photographed. Anyways, she's cuter in real life. For some reason one arm kinda sticks up while the other sticks down; may have to see about fixing that before shipping her off. She also still needs a tail. ;)

I had hoped to use buttons for her eyes, but there were no oval ones that I could find that were big enough for her head... so I ended up stitching them. Oh well!

Still a long way to go on him... 8 rows out of 18. We'll see how it goes!

He is going to be a twin-sized comforter, so his dimensions will be 70" x 90". Each square is 5". There is a total of 242 squares that need to be made for completion. It is QUITE the task to undertake! I will post what I did for him later, for any that might be interested. 

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