Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm not really sure what inspired this. I slaved over him for a while making up this pattern. I think it is ready for other people to try, even though I have yet to test it. Let me know if you come across this and try it!

As I was doing this, I started adding on things, and I am not sure if it is too much. However, the reason was because I closed off his body before I put his eyes in, and as I use the eyes from SunCatcher Crafts, they have washers you have to attach. So I made "eye patches" so I could give him eyes. After that I added the "belly patch" complete with belly button and the stitches on his head. Is it too much you think? Maybe should keep him plain? Instead of a tail I was going to do one more stitch across his butt, I just haven't added it at this time yet.

One of my friends commented that the belly patch looks a little awkward/weird. Maybe I should make a skirt to cover it, and make "him" a "her"? What do you think?

Update: I did change it, just because it didn't seem to be warmly received by some of my friends (I use them as a sounding board). See below changes. I didn't write what I did, though for the skirt I was messing with a fan trellis stitch.

Anyways, leave a comment if you have any. I appreciate it.

Pattern is as follows:


MR – 9
2sc in each – 18
Sc in first, 2sc in next – 27 (x2)
Sc around – 41 (x15)
Sc 28, ch 5, sc 8 – 41
Sc 8, ch 5, sc 28 – 41 (these make the arm holes)
Sc around – 41 (x11)
NOTE: I think I accidentally doubled this when transcribing my notes into this pattern; you can tell from the picture it doesn't seem to be 11 rounds. If you don't want him long like the bear (see the bear post) then I would probably cut this down to 6 rounds.
Leave open and with a long tail of yarn, you will sew the legs on later.

LEGS (make 2)

MR – 8
2sc in each – 16
Sc in 3, 2sc in next, rep around – 20
In back loops, sc around – 20
Back to normal stitch, sc around -20 (x3)
2sc in 2, sc in 2, 2sc in next, [sc in 4, 2sc in next (x3)] – 26
Sc around – 26
Sew on to body.

ARMS (make 2)

MR – 6
2sc in each – 12
Sc around – 12 (x3)
2sc in 2, sc in 9 – 14
Sc around – 14
Leaving a tail on each, sew onto body.


MR – 4
2sc in each – 8
Sc around – 8
Sc in 1, 2sc in next – 12
Sc around – 12 (x3)
Sc in 2, 2sc in next – 16
Sc around – 16 (x2)
2sctog, sc in 6 – 14
2sctog, sc in 5 – 12
2sctog, sc in 4 – 10
Sc around – 10
2sctog, sc in 3 – 8 (start stuffing, but only lightly, don’t want them to bulge)
2sctog, sc in 2 – 6
Leaving a tail, sew on to head.

BELLY PATCH (secondary color)
Ch 6
Sc across, ch 1 to turn - 6
2sc in first, sc in 4, 2sc in last, ch 1 to turn – 8
Sc across, ch 1 to turn – 8 (x3)
Sc across, but don’t chain this time, just turn and go into next hole (this row will now decrease); on last 2 stitches, sctog – 6
Leaving a tail, sew on to belly.
Add a belly button if you so choose.

EYE PATCHES (in secondary color)

(Left or right) MR – 3
2sc in each – 6
Sc around – 6
Leave a tail, sew on.

 (Left or right) MR – 5
2sc in each – 10
Sc in 2, 2sc in next – 14
Leave a tail, sew on.

I would still mess around with this. The reason I did the eye patches is because I didn’t put in the buttons while the body was still disassembled.

MOUTH (in black or tertiary color)

Ch 6
Sew on.

STITCHES (in secondary color)

Ch 6
Ch 1 to turn, sc down the side. Leave a tail, sew on. Using black (or tertiary color), make “stitches” that are a little exaggerated/crooked.


  1. Hello, I really like this pattern and plan to make of one my own. Having many details is what makes amigurumi (even the ugly ones) cute! The patch is fine. Could leave off bellybutton, move patch to the side, add strap and have him carrying a bag. A flap at top could look like he has a pocket on tummy. I enjoy the stitches, too. I have a hard time with the eyes with washers and have carefully put glue in the stitch hole to hold the eye without the backing. Less safe for young children, but works well otherwise for me. Don't over-think your amis, they are meant to be fun, crazy fun. Best Wishes.

  2. Thank you for your reply! I like your ideas on that, too. I personally liked the belly button but I think people didn't know what I was trying to do. It got a lot of pauses/looks when I showed him/her to coworkers and others.

    I tried to make it cuter by turning it into a girl, hoping someone would want to buy her. So far, she has been kind of tepidly received... however, I like the quirky style. I like using the washer eyes too--I think the bear one looked really well--and haven't had much trouble with them. Are you using the ones from sun catcher? Just curious. :)

  3. I use eyes from Sun Catcher. Great selection! My problem is pinching hard enough to get the washer in place at back of eye. I have tried pushing against a table, still my fingers cannot do it.

  4. What if you got a pair of needle nose pliers, put some duct tape on it or something so the pliers wouldn't scratch the eye, and close it that way? Don't know if that would work but it was first thing that came to mind. ;)