Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is the sheep I have made on my own, and is the second pattern I have written. I am still trying to get the pattern down pat. The yarn selection within a 20 mile radius of me is kind of poor, so often times I can't use the same yarn unless I buy many rolls at once. Suffice to say, I have 3 different kinds of yarns to make sheep that people want to purchase, and there has been a difference, mainly due to bulk. My favorite yarn to use for his body has been the cheapest, a bulky Bernat.

I plan on posting this pattern for free as well, but a lot of quirks to work out still. Maybe next month I will have it ready.

I made a baby blue one for my friend that was expecting.
I think he turned out pretty well. The yarn was slightly different, and
my pattern really needed some work.

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